Alexandra Kovalyshyn, Nadia Kryshenyk, Pshemuslav Len

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Abstract. The article analyzes the efficiency of land plot use in the event of its division based on engineering factors. The concept of a land plot and the process of its devision was determined. It was established that the division of land is made at the owner′s desire to separate one or more individual land plots. Thus, the land plot is considered to be divided into parts if each of the parts determined after devision may become a separate plot with further effective use of each of them. The possible options for the division of land were analyzed. It has been found that division (unification) of the land plot is made by developing of the technical documentation on land management concerning the division and unification of the land plot. It is possible to carry out this procedure only when the right to land is legalized. On the basis of experimental studies it was found that newly formed land plots became less compact in configuration after the division which affects the efficiency of their use. Therefore, it is necessary to develop common methods of land devision that will provide its effective use without creating inconvenience to the owners of land plots.

Key words: land plot, land division, technical documentation on land management, compactness coefficient, land owners, land use.

Effect of engineering factors of the land plot on the efficiency of its use in the event of division

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes