Z. Poplavska, A. Kalynovskyy

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Abstract . The formation of effects of different order in the process of aircraft equipment recovery is investigated. Changes of idle time of aviation equipment, depending on the cost of its recovery and maintenance are estimated. Economic problems of reasonable implementation of qualitative aircraft recovery are considered. Unlimited theoretical limits of costs on assuring the quality of aircraft equipment recovery are shown on the graphs. Suggestions for reasonable limits of the cost on aircraft equipment recovery are grounded. It was established that the definition of economic efficiency of providing quality of aircraft equipment recovery requires accounting not only the cost but also the obtained effects. The model showing the possible operating modes of aircraft equipment is presented. Its partial review allows to evaluate the difficulties of calculating the economic effect of providing quality of aircraft equipment recovery. Theoretical aspects of economic effect formation of quality of aircraft equipment recovery are investigated. It is stated that the annual economic effect from assuring quality of recovery and maintenance of aircraft equipment, resulting in operation of aircraft equipment (the effect of the secondorder), occurs in the form of savings and avoided losses for two reasons. First, eliminate losses due to non-compliance of technical parameters of aircraft equipment to normative and technical values. Second, due to changes in the operating costs connected with the elimination of aircraft equipment idle time due to technical reasons. Also, certain effect can be created in general within the whole branch of economics where aircraft equipment is used. Calculation of economic effect requires distinguishing between savings and avoided losses. Potential loss can be the cost of the aircraft equipment itself and damages that it may cause in case of falling. Also, losses can occur due to bad providing of technical condition indicators, and therefore efficiency of aircraft equipment causes inadequate change of operating costs and process in which it participates.

Key words: aircraft equipment, recovery, repair, efficiency, economic effect.

Economic problems of aircraft equipment recovery

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes