M. Bublyk, O. Rybytska

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Abstract . In order to study the social component of
man-made damage in the national economy, an expert model
for establishing levels of technogenic morbidity of the
population of Ukraine, due to the destructive influence factors
(emissions, discharges, waste), have been built by means of
fuzzy logic in this paper. The economic evaluation and
prediction of the social component of man-made losses – cost
of treating patients with tumors due to environmental pollution
have been conducted. In the national economy these results
should be considered in the formation of public expences on
health care and the treatment of patients. This will increase the
effectiveness of state regulation of the phenomenon, provide
appropriate allocations for their eradication and compensation.

Key words: man-made damage, the national economy,
economic evaluation, forecasting, technogenic morbidity.

Economic assessment and forecasting of the social component of man-made damage in the national economy

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes