I. Barylyuk, N. Paitra, M. Yastrubskyy

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A b s t r a c t . The conducted analysis of activity of Ukrainian banks allowed to draw conclusion about the general tendencies of banks development within the limits of clusters and testifi ed about the reduction of profi tability of equity in direct ratio to the decline of index of cartoonist of equity of the bank. The crisis processes in national and world economy have an infl uence on the banks of the fi rst cluster , because the structure of their capital is formed mainly by liabilities. The banks of the third cluster, predefi ned by low effi ciency and considerable frequent problem debt, need a recommendation to take part in M&A processes. The banks of second cluster at suffi cient profi tability and insignifi cant statistics of problem credits have a suffi cient provision of equity in case any unforeseeable circumstances arise. Thus, the optima of multiple capital index are 10-20, the proportion of equity to owned capital from 4 to to10.

Key words: bank, competition strategy, bank cluster, multiplier of bank stock, qualitative composition of the owned capital, profi tability of the owned capital.

Cluster analysis of capitalization of ukrainian banks in the conditions of national economy globalization

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes