A. Rzheuskiy, N. Kunanets, V. Kut

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Abstract. The innovation of application of cloud managers is described in the article. The authors emphasize that the innovative direction of development of information activities is the integration of Web platforms (social networks and cloud storages) for creating a unified communication space and storage for large amount of information. Tool that provides this development are cloud managers. For library institutions using such technologies will create the favorable and flexible serviceoriented system for providing users with information resources. For determination of free cloud managers and selected among them a benchmark, the methods of benchmarking and expert evaluation were used in the research. The algorithm for operation with every service is given. The following technological capabilities: “integration with cloud storage”, “cloud disk space manager”, “multimedia playback,” “presence of workspace” for collaboration were taken into account. The result of the study is to determine the cloud manager that can serve as a benchmark for providing free cloud services with a wide range of technological capabilities.

Key words: library, service, cloud storage, cloud manager, service-oriented system, benchmarking, information resources, user, expert evaluation method.

Cloud managers – an innovative approach to the management of the library information resources

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes