Olha Fedoryshyn, Kateryna Kniazieva, Andriy Mylyanych, Romana Petrinа

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Abstract. The study of the kinetics of extraction of phenolic compounds and flavonoids from crushed roots
of Carlina acaulis using 40% and 70% of water-ethanol mixture by infusion method is described in the article.
The total value of the mass transfer coefficient and the value of the transfer coefficient through the cell wall, in
the intercellular space and the volume of the extractant were determined. Particles of Carlina acaulis roots of different sizes
(0.2, 0.3, 0.5 mm) were studied; different concentrations of ethyl alcohol were used – 40% and 70%; the ratio of
raw materials: extractant was 1:10. The analytical dependence of the mass transfer coefficient k and the leaching coefficient A on the solid
particle size d and the concentration of the extractant was obtained, which allows to predict the extraction process
and to design equipment for the technological process in production.
Kinetic equations of the process of extraction of phenolic compounds and flavonoids from Carlina
acaulis roots by infusion method are derived. The obtained equations allow to determine the concentrations
of phenolic compounds and flavonoids in the extracts at a given point in time with a particle size of the solid phase
from 1 to 10 mm, as well as to determine the optimal diameter of the solid phase particles for maximum
extraction of the target substance.

Keywords: kinetics, mathematical processing, Carlina acaulis, extracts, phenolic compounds,

"2020 vol. 9 No. 2"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes