P. Hashchuk, R.Pelo

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Abstract. In the article the influence of the moment of beginning of shifting gears on the efficiency of acceleration of the vehicle has been evaluated – on the fuel consumption at a given level of dynamism of the car. Different programs of switching gear at different values of the length of the friction trailing have been studied. Arguments are made in favor of the fact that the gearshift processes should not be too fast and that the work of friction trailing is not decisive in view of the need to increase the energy efficiency of the car. It is emphasized that between the laws of gear shifting, which are optimal considering the fuel economy, which, having in mind the dynamism, there are no fundamental differences. On the basis of the information obtained, it is concluded that the real variety of transmissions is unreasonably excessive and even harmful, since optimality is usually monotonous.

Key word: automobile, transmission, gear shift, optimal laws, transmission excellence, control algorithms, optimality criterions, time acceleration, fuel consumption.


"2018 Vol. 7 No. 2"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes