D. Kurczyński, P. Łagowski, G. Wcisło, B. Pracuch, A. Leśniak

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Abstract. The publication presents test results for a Perkins 1104D – 44TA engine powered by SME sunflower oil fatty acids methyl esters. The SME biofuel was manufactured in-house using a GW-200 reactor at MCOŹE “BioEnergia”. The test was carried out at an engine test stand at Kielce University of Technology’s Heat Engine Laboratory. During the test the engine operated according to an external speed characteristic. The tests aimed to determine the impact of using an SME type biofuel to power the engine on the engine’s primary performance indicator values. A slight decrease to the brake horsepower and torque of the tested engine powered by sunflower oil esters as compared to diesel was recorded. Fuel consumption of the engine powered by plant origin fuel also increased. No operating problems were experienced associated with powering the engine using sunflower oil esters during the tests.

Key words: external characteristic harmful emission contents, sunflower oil methyl esters (SME), FAME Biodiesel.

"2017 vol.6. No. 4"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes