Olga Artemenko, Natalya Kunanec, Volodymyr Pasichnyk, Valeriya Savchuk

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Abstract. The article is devoted to modern tendency and problems in the development of information technologies in the sphere of tourism. The aim of this paper is system analysis and identification of prospective areas of information technology in the field of tourism. The basic trends shaping the prospects for improvement in the information technology tools oriented to full and quality to meet the needs of ordinary tourists are consolidation of information resources in tourism; intellectualization of functions for software and applications, information technology and systems; interface virtualization environment for information systems, oriented to the needs of tourists; mobilization of tourists information technology support in the exercise of his trip; personalization tourist information needs, taking into account its specific individual requests tastes and preferences. All of them are analysed and described in the article. As a result author distinguished the main problems in the sphere of information technologies for tourist domain and main perspective spheres of next researches.

Key words: information technologies, tourism, consolidated information, mobile geographic information system, GIS, mobile tourist information technologies, trip support, interface virtualization environment, intellectual systems.

"2015 vol.4 No. 4"

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes