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Abstract. The basics concepts of evolution in agents calculating are discovered in this work and are showed their directions and applications. Before explaining what is agent and its description, there were given a bit of its history and the difference between agents and programs. Were given basic types of agents on examples and figures. The main task of agents is to require a large number of interactions for which most mathematical modeling methods are unsuitable. Were analyzed agent systems architecture and a description of their main parts. Principles of work with mobile and intelligent agents are considered. Furthermore, were exemplify the reasons and situations of use either intelligent agents or mobile agents. Also, their examples were showed on different examples and figures. Technology and application tools which uses in the process are represented. Analysis of JADE-technology are carried out. On the market today there are analogues of JADE, but most of the systems are relatively new and require many improvements, some are under development prototypes. Also, were given description of main tools and features of JADE. It will help a lot in elaboration of agents. Advantages and disadvantages of using agent approach are showed for creating system of data processing and they show their versatility compared with other systems.

Key words: system, technology, agents, agents computing, mobile agents, method, web-application, processing, analysis.

Basic concepts of evolution in agents calculating and agents system

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes