Vasyl Teslyuk, Khrystyna Beregovska, Andrii Pukach, Roman-Andriy IvantsivFull text PDF

Abstract. This paper is devoted to the development of automating methods of the ranges determination process of the resistance values measurements for the investigated MEMS resistive parameters (strain gauges, piezoresistors, thermistors, magnetoresistors and photoresistors, etc.), electric resistance of which is changing during functioning of MEMS, in order to improve the accuracy of investigated resistive parameter value determining and optimization of the entire measuring process in general. The developed method for automation of values range determination of the MEMS resistive parameters measurand is based on the designed models and algorithm of automation for the process of an exemplary resistor value determination. A measurand of the investigated MEMS resistive parameter is located in a neighborhood of this exemplary resistor value. The abovementioned method is also based on the developed model and algorithm for automation of the values range determination of the MEMS resistive parameters measurand.

Key words: MEMS, resistor, range determination, automation.

Automation of determining the range of values for MEMS resistive parameters

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