O. Kovalyshyn, N. Kryshenyk, N. Havryshkiv

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Abstract. The paper analyzes methodological approaches to evaluation of the quality of land in Ukraine. It was determined that, depending on the purpose and methods of assessment there are several types of land evaluation in Ukraine: soil rating (bonitet), economic and pecuniary evaluation, where the quality of the land affects the results of evaluation. There are many methodological approaches to qualitative assessment of the land. It was highlighted both many individual and integrated indicators, but there is no uniform system of their evaluation. Works on soil rating of agricultural lands in Ukraine have been carried out in accordance with “Methods of soil rating in Ukraine.” Under the present conditions of the regulation of land relations, the question as for more precise specification of limits of agro-industrial groups of soils has arisen. On the basis of experimental researches, it was found that using a variety of methodological approaches to qualitative assessment of soil, there is inexactitude in the formation of soil maps, and hence in soil rating. Thus, it is necessary to adopt and uphold a single methodology for the qualitative assessment of land.

Key words: soil rating (bonitet), land evaluation, environmental and agrochemical certification of fields, agrochemical passport of a land plot, agro-industrial group of soils.

Analysis of methodological approaches to evaluation of land quality in ukraine

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes