M. Medykovskyj, V. Kravchyshyn, O. Shunevych

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Abstract. The method and the load parameters dynamics simulation algorithm fed to the input of the energy-dynamic wind power station modes management system have been developed. Based on the real data analysis, we obtained dependencies of the management system input data changes for the specific time intervals. Input load parameters were simulated using the developed method. We have obtained data for the neural network training with the justification of changes in active wind power composition. The results are shown in a load parameters table as input management system data and estimated load charts. The results are important for the wind power station management system simulation as they provide higher reliability and accuracy of the results.

Key words: wind power station (WPS), load curve, management system, input load parameters simulation.

Analysis and modeling of load parameters of wind power station

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes