M. Al Kilani, V. Kobziev

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Abstract. E-government has become play an important role in improving government services, and increase effectiveness and efficiency in providing services. Many countries have become aware of the importance of adopting e-government project in improve services, reduce costs, and save time by providing the services anywhere at any time. E-government has become a tool to improving the economic aspect, administrative organization, and increase and trust between the government and beneficiaries.
The adopting of e-government requires a clear vision, and identifying all factors that contribute to its success. This paper will give an overview of e-government concept, and e-government around the world, also the paper will discuss the e-government domains, and e-government development life-cycle, as well as discussing the benefits and the challenges of adopts e-government project.

Key words: E-government, e-government domains, benefits, challenges.

An Overview Of E-government Concept

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