G. Cherevko

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Summary. Ukraine has already made a number of important steps on the way to the European integration. But they are mostly not quite systematic or incomplete. First of all it concerns agriculture. There are favourable natural conditions in Ukraine but economic and political situation here is an obstacle to its successful development. Agriculture today is the most profitable sector of Ukraine’s economy. It brings the biggest foreign exchange impact of exports of agricultural products and food. So, on the way to European integration we should pay great attention to this sector of the economy. However, it is clear that in future we cannot rely only on the agricultural sector, since in this case there is a real danger to become an agrarian supplement rather than an agrarian country. The more so, that a structure of export of agricultural produce of Ukraine is on a large account unsatisfactory, as raw material prevails in it, and in the structure of its import there are mainly the finished products. In addition, for the necessities of agrarian economy much technique is imported, which makes the prevailing part in the general mass of technology serving this sector. Therefore, the main results of agricultural research, its trends and prospects in terms of European integration are depicted and analyzed in this article. The agriculture and fulfilment of its mission in Ukraine are shown. The analysis results of Ukrainian export and import of agricultural products and food as well as the determination of the present situation causes and the main ways and possibilities of its improvement are presented.

Key words: European integration, Ukraine, agriculture, food, export, import.

Agriculture in Ukraine towards European integration

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