R. Tkachenko, O. Kovalyshyn

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Abstract. The article investigates the problems of scheduling methods for making up the schedules for medical care institutions, with a view to further optimization the conditions and improvement the patient care. It is noted that a key step in the operation of medical institutions is the scheduling stage process. Depending on the specifics of a particular institution, work plans take different forms, mostly turning into a timetable. It is established that there are a number of scheduling methods, ranging from manual planning and mathematical programming with limitations, ending with the use of artificial intelligence. Most methods consist of two or more stages and initially require the construction of the very schedule that satisfies the strict limitations of the institution functioning. At a later stage the scheduling optimization of one or more criteria is regarded. The types of finite-state automata are analyzed and, with their use, developed a method for constructing the supporting schedules for clinics. An algorithm of finite-state machines for clinic schedule construction is established.

Key words: clinic, schedule, schedule construction, abstract automaton, finite-state automaton.

A method of making up a clinic schedule with use of a finite-state automaton

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes