L. Mieszkalski, J. Wojdalski

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Summary. This study proposes a mathematical method for modeling the shape of apples, locules and pericarps with the use of Bézier curves. The concave and convex parts of apples cv. Ligol were described with three smoothly-joined Bézier curves. Contours were described based on images of an apple rotated at intervals of 36° relative to its natural axis of symmetry. A 3D model was formed by Bézier curves positioned along the apple’s meridians. The shape of the locule and the pericarp was described with the use of two smoothly-joined Bézier curves each, rotated relative to the apple’s longitudinal axis.

Key words: apple, cv. Ligol, shape, locule, pericarp, Bézier curves, method, mathematical model

A mathematical method for modeling the shape of apples Part 1. Description of the method

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