M. Verkhola, U. Panovuk, I. Huk

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Abstract. In the paper, a multi-zone signal graph is constructed that corresponds to the structure of the ink printing system and reflects the process of circulating the direct and reverse ink flows. A mathematical model of the ink printing system of a sequential -parallel structure with two oscillator cylinders was developed, which describes the process of ink distribution and its transfer by elements of the ink printing system from the ink feeder device to the imprints. The model details the mathematical description of the work mode of the oscillator cylinders and the ink feeder device. On the basis of the mathematical model and the signal graph, a simulator of the ink printing system is constructed in Matlab-Simulink environment. Checking the validity of the simulation model and, accordingly, the mathematical model is based on the balance of ink’s supply and selection. Based on the models of the ink printing system components, information technology is developed which makes it possible to investigate the process of ink transfer at different work modes of the oscillator cylinders. The research and analysis of the effect by the change in the value of the axial stroke of each oscillator cylinders on the ink flow distribution on the imprints at various densities of form filling with the printing elements were carried out.

Keywords: information technology; ink feeder device, mathematical model, oscillator cylinders, simulator.

Modeling and Analysis of Ink Distribution in the Ink Printing System of the Sequential-Parallel Structure

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes