T. Shestakevych, V. Pasichnyk

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Abstract. The work is devoted to inclusive education process modeling by means of Petri nets with the aim to formalize the requirements to information technology support of such learning. The analysis of mathematical model of the inclusive education process allowed identifying factors of influence on this process. The study of specific interaction of external and internal factors and their influence on the output parameters was carried out, using the analysis of the procedure of educational aim achievement and additional conditions. Petri net of the education process of a person with special needs was developed. The decomposition process of inclusive education in the form of serial and parallel implementation of relevant educational tasks allowed developing functional requirements to a complex information technology of inclusive education support. For the design of information technology for information storage and structuring in the process of inclusive education, a mathematical model of subject domain description formation process was used.

Key words: inclusive education, persons with special needs, Petri nets, parallel processes, information technology.

The use of Petri Nets for inclusive education IT-support

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes