Ye. Fornalchyk, I. Mohyla, V. Hilevych

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Abstract. The analysis of transportation flow and technical condition of cargo-carrying vehicles and buses has showed the need in the research of its influence on the passing density on signalized intersections. The indicator which reflects this influence is represented by light motor vehicle passenger car equivalent (PCE). The need in determining a passenger car equivalent for differently structured transportation flows is demonstrated not according to the recognized methodology, but according to the one developed by the authors which takes into account both diverse structure and the level of technical condition of road users. The latter one decreases launching dynamics of vehicles which depart from the stop line. The respective passenger car equivalents are determined for such a structure of traffic flow. These calculations differ from already known and normative ones. Due to the simulation (the VISSIM program) of passing at an intersection with the use of calculated passenger car equivalents which take into account the technical condition of vehicles, traffic delays on the main direction were defined as decreased by 7.6% for respective duration of permissive signal on a traffic light.

Key words: passenger car equivalent (PCE), traffic delay, traffic light cycle, saturation flow, vehicle, technical condition, speedup.

The Influence of Dynamic Characteristics of Vehicles on the Passenger Car Equivalent and Traffic Delay

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes