Olexandra Kovalyshyn, Nadiia Kryshenyk

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Abstract. Modern land organization, as a complex of social-economic and ecological measures, is focused on rational organization of the territory of administrative-territorial units, which make a spatial base for territorial organization of state management and local self-governing. Thus, determination of boundaries of administrative-territorial units is very important, actual and responsible task of land organization. Improvement of organizational and ecological mechanisms of establishment of boundaries of administrative-territorial units through the provision of these subjects with the relevant land surveying, land planning and cartographic, soil, land evaluation materials and agreed urban planning documents is still of great importance. Legislation of Ukraine determines the dependence of land use documents (land development project regarding the establishment of (changes in) the boundaries of settlements) on the town planning documentation (the general layout of a settlement, other town planning documentation), but the mechanism of its implementation is not grounded.

Key words: administrative-territorial unit, boundary, settlement, establishment, land management, land management projects.

The improvement of mechanisms for establishing and changing boundaries of administrative and territorial units

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes