Agnieszka Starek, Elżbieta Kusińska, Tomasz Guz

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Abstract. The paper presents the results of measurement of the basic physical properties of black turnip and the results of studies on the impact of sampling site on the textural properties of its pulp. Selected texture indices, i.e. hardness, elasticity, cohesiveness and chewiness, were determined using the TPA double compression test. The tests were carried out on samples taken from well-defined root layers (upper layer, middle layer, lower layer) and zones (A, B, C) of black turnip, because of its structural heterogeneity. The samples were compressed at the longitudinal and transverse direction of the fibers relative to the compressing device movement. The results obtained were statistically analyzed using the Statistica 10.0 program. The research has shown that the site of sampling and the direction of fiber positioning have a significant impact on the value of all the black turnip texture parameters.

Key words: black turnip, physical properties, sampling site.

Physical and mechanical properties of the black turnip root flesh

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes