R. Tkachenko, O. Kovalyshyn

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Abstract. Taking into account the expansion of infrastructure and the growth of hospitals, as well as the increase in the influx of patients, the manual preparation of therapies, in particular, regenerative therapy, becomes ineffective and causes frequent dissatisfaction and complaining of patients. Taking into account the large number of factors forming the schedule, the task of multicriteria optimization is presented in accordance with strict restrictions and immediate wishes of patients.
This task can be decomposed into several subtasks that require development of: a reference schedule that would satisfy the strict restrictions imposed by the domain; a method for evaluating the reference schedule and intermediate schedules; the method of optimization of the reference scheduling in order to improve the estimated results.
In the course of solving these problems it is necessary: to carry out the construction of relevant criteria for evaluating the quality of the decomposition and turn their qualitative values into quantitative forms; carry out the transition from multi-criteria optimization to one-criterion by minimizing the set of evaluation criteria in the scalar value that can be used in the process of optimization; to avoid local optimum and reach the global optimal solution.
The article is devised a method of multicriteria assessment and optimization of medical institutions’ schedules, based on the use of automatic theory to construct the reference scheduling of the functioning of the clinic, the application of methods and means of fuzzy logic and evolutionary algorithms.
Using an automated system of construction, multicriteria assessment and optimization of schedules of medical institutions can reduce the amount of manual work, as well as increase the level of satisfaction of patients with the quality of regenerative therapy.

Key words: scheduling of medical institutions, optimization of schedules, evolutionary algorithms, multicriteria assessment, neuro fuzzy models.

Multicriteria optimization of medical institutions’ schedules on the basis of neuro fuzzy models and evolutionary algorithms

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