N. Kunanets, V. Pasichnyk, H.Lypak, O.Duda, O.Matsiuk

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Abstract. The importance of consolidated information resources development for social data institutions at the level of towns and establishments with a view to their further integration into national information resource is substantiated. “Smart city” projects portfolio is a new innovative model of the city, region and country development. A considerable part of the world cities and towns use the current innovation for project implementation providing their development with application of intellectual digital information – telecommunication networks and technologies. “Smart city” project implementation is encouraged by the world developed countries in order to rise living standards and economic growth of regions and cities. “Smart city” consolidated information recourse development is based on the application of modern information and communication technologies, tools design and operation algorithms and ways of polymodal information presentation and processing.

Key words: “Smart city” project, consolidated information recourse, library, museum, archive.

Modeling of consolidated information resource for social data institutions

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes