V. Pasichnyk, V. Savchuk

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Abstract. The paper analyses a number of advanced mobile information technologies in the sphere of tourism. A large volume of information has been processed to determine the main areas of development and improvement of tourism mobile information technologies. Mobile information technologies are built both for tourists and for travel agencies. In this paper, information technologies for individual tourists are laid stress on. These are tourist program guides, augmented reality tourist information systems, gamification traveling systems, tourist location based systems and others. The paper offers description of the available mobile software for trip planning and information support of tourists during a trip. It consists of two chapters: the current studies and existing mobile program algorithmic tools. According to the research outcomes, the authors propose to build a new information system for tourists Mobile Tourist Information Assistant. A set of functional features of this system as an integrated information system relying on mobile applications is proposed. The main principle of the system is EVERYTHING, HERE AND NOW.

Key words: mobile IT, mobile application, information technology, mobile information system, tourism, e-tourism, travel planning, travel information support.

Mobile Information Technologies for Tourism Domain

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes