I. Naumeyko, M. Alja’afreh

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Abstract. The analysis of asymptotic representations of the systems protected from harmful influences is carried out. Various types of general models of the “manmachine- environment” with protection are considered. Each of them adequately describes some of the practically important qualities of the object, and they all together describe the object in terms of its safe operation. The dynamic properties of complex ergonomic systems, presented in the form of systems of differential equations with a small parameter at the derivative are investigated The methods of reducing the impact on the person of harmful factors are theoretically substantiated. The dynamic protection response speed is considered to be significantly greater than the harmful factor production rate. Numerical solution of the general problem and the analytical solution for autonomous case is obtained for harmful effects. By using asymptotic the system of equations has been solved in closed form not only for autonomous case, but also for parameters smoothly changing in time. The estimates of the cost of protection was obtained for the various cost-functionals and for different functions in the right-hand side of the equation describing the dynamics of protection. To assess the accuracy of model calculations and for graphic representation of the results mathematical package MAXIMA is used.

Key words: “Man-Machine-Environment” model, non-linear system, singular equations, asymptotic, linearization.


an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes