N. Horbal, M. Naychuk-Khrushch, B. Orlykova

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Summary. The article is aimed at the disclosure and analysis of the role and place of the Internet tools in ad-vertising and promoting of goods and services by market-ers and their impact on sales. So, the article determines the essence of advertising on Internet, theoretical, meth-odological and practical issues of development and func-tioning of Internet advertising and, in particular, the use of Internet advertising as the means of promoting prod-ucts and services. The development of online advertising is analyzed in global and national scope and trends are highlighted. Also, the forecast of total worldwide retail Internet sales till 2020 (which is expected to increase twice) is represented. The model of main features, which characterize Internet trade and marketing, is designed by the authors and represented. The main and most innova-tive Internet advertising instruments are described and characterized. The issues related to the differences be-tween means, types, advantages and disadvantages of the Internet marketing were described. Also the main ad-vantages (benefits) and challenges (difficulties) of Inter-net tools for advertising and promoting products are de-scribed, detailed and ranked by their importance for busi-ness. Thus, it was found out that the main risks and diffi-culties of the Internet tools for advertising and promoting products are: cyber risks, high competition and the choosy behavior. of consumers. Those factors deserve close at-tention from the marketers.

Key words: advertising, internet advertising, online ad-vertising, digital advertising, promotion, publishers, ad-vertisers, consumers, information technologies, click-through.

Internet advertising: the specifics, tendencies of development and impact on sales

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes