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Econtechmod is an open access quarterly journal focused on economics in technology, new technologies and modelling processes.

The journal publishes the original research, review papers and short notes papers written in English,  Polish or Russian with an English translation. Acceptance of papers for publication is based on two independent “double blind” reviews commissioned by the Editor.

Authors are asked to transfer to the Publisher the copyright of their articles as well as written permissions for reproduction of figures and tables from unpublished or copyrighted materials.

On receiving the required number of reviews, the Editors pass them immediately to authors. The Editors require that authors prepare answers to reviewers’ comments, which are then sent to the referees.

Articles should be submitted electronically to the Editor and fulfil the following formal requirements:

  • the papers (around 8 pages) should not exceed 12 pages including tables, figures, and references
  • Clear and grammatically correct script in English,
  • Format of popular Windows text editors (A4 size, 12 points Times New Roman font, single interline, left and right margin of 2,5 cm),
  • Every page of the paper including the title page, text, references, tables and figures should be numbered,
  • SI units should be used.


Please organize the script in the following order (without subtitles):

Title, Author(s) name (s), Affiliations, Full postal addresses, Corresponding author’s e-mail
Abstract (min 160 not exceed 200 words), Keywords (up to 5 words), Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion (a combined Results and Discussion section can also be appropriate), Conclusions, References (about 30 items), Tables, Figures and their captions.

Note that the following should be observed:

An informative and concise title; Abstract without any undefined abbreviations or unspecified references; No nomenclature (all explanations placed in the text); References cited by the numbered system (max 5 items in oneplace); Tables and figures (without frames) placed out of the text (after References) and figures additionally prepared in the graphical file format *.jpg or *.cdr.

Make sure that the tables do not exceed the printed area of the page. Number them according to their sequence in the text. References to all the tables must be in the text. Do not use vertical lines to separate columns. Capitalize the word ‘table’ when used with a number, e.g. (Table1).

Number the figures according to their sequence in the text. Identify them at the bottom of line drawings by their number. Special attention should e paid to the lettering of figures – the size of lettering must be big enough to allow reduction (even 10 times). Begin the description of figures with a capital letter and observe the following order, e.g. Time(s), Current [A], Voltage [V], Force [N], Moisture (%, vol), (%, m3m-3) or (%, gg-1), Thermal conductivity (W m-1K-1).

Type the captions to all figures on a separate sheet at the end of the manuscript.

Give all the explanations in the figure caption. Drawn text in the figures should be kept to a minimum. Capitalize and abbreviate ‘figure’ when it is used with a number, e.g. (Fig. 1).

Colour figures will not be printed.

Reference list should be numbered serially and arranged alphabetically by the name of the first author and then others, e.g. 

  1. Kasaja O., Azarevich G. and Bannel A.N. 2009. Econometric Analysis of Banking Financial Results in Poland. Journal of Academy of Business and Economics (JABE), Vol. 4. No 1, 202–210.
  2. Nowak J. 1997. Analysis and evaluation of the round bale silage production. Lublin: AR Publishing House, Poland p. 184. (in Polish).
  3. Syrotyuk V.M., Nischenko I.O., Zdobytskyy A.J. 2012. Determining the deformation of the polimer tape in the process of wrapping. MOTROL Commission of Motorization and Energetics in Agriculture, Vol. 14. No 4, 44–47 (in Ukrainian).
  4. Rymarz, M., 2015. Modelling of environmental quality in the language of Bayesian networks Ph.D. thesis (in Polish). University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Production Engineering, Lublin, Poland p 99.
  5. Mobile6: Mobile model (on-road vehicles). Available online at:

References cited in the text should be given in square brackets and include a number e.g. [7].

Mathematical formulas should be edited using an equation editor. Leave ample space around equations. Subscripts and superscripts have to be clear. Equations should be numbered serially on the right-hand side in angle brackets. Capitalize and abbreviate ‘equation’ when it is used with a number, e.g. Eq. (1). Spell out when it begins a sentence. Symbols for physical quantities in formulae and in the text must be in italics. Algebraic symbols are printed in upright type.

Acknowledgements will be printed after a written permission is sent (by the regular post, on paper) from persons or heads of institutions mentioned by name.

Examples of formatted articles:

Example 1
Example 2

The publication fee for one text is  750 PLN  (incl. 23% VAT). The fee should  be paid into the bank account of the Higher School of Engineering and Economics in Rzeszów: 36 1930 1187 2710 0717 1198 0009

After payment for the article you must send feedback stating:
– The title of the journal and the manuscript
– The author / authors of the manuscript, name, surname, e-mail, phone
– Invoice data: the exact name of the payer, address, tax identification (NIP)

ISSN: 2084-–5715


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