Dariusz Lodwik, Włodzimierz Malesa

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Abstract. The paper presents the technology of production of multi-layer, large-size composite panels shaped by vacuum pressing. The advantages and possibilities of using composite panels as a modern material for the construction of special-purpose transport systems replacing traditional steel and aluminium are indicated. Examples of design solutions for mobile specialized transport systems are presented. For construction of walls, roofs, floors and doors, composite panels with specific strength, aesthetic and hygienic requirements were used. Thanks to the use of lightweight and durable composite panels and the technology used, their joining is resistant to extreme weather conditions, rigid, light and functional, free of all thermal bridges, thus we received mobile container systems with very good insulation parameters.

Key words: composite panel, vacuum press, mobile container system, digital model, innovativeness.

Innovative technology for making multilayerboards used in mobile systems of specialist transport

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes