O. Tokar, M. Lesiv, M. Korol

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Abstract : An information technology for calculation of carbon sink in stemwood of forest ecosystems on a territorial basis is developed. This information technology involves interpretation of input data of statistical inventory of forest stands using electronic maps of forestry, formation of databases and processing the data by applying a special algorithm for calculating the carbon sink in stemwood and presenting the results in a form of thematic maps. The estimation of the carbon sink in stemwood is done by using a “bottom-up” (wood – sample plots (SP) – forestry) approach applying mathematical models of distributed inventory of the carbon sink that take into account regional specificities of species in the study area and average annual growth of biomass. We estimated carbon sink in stemwood using data from experimental studies conducted on 54 sample plots of forestry “Spaske” of forest enterprise “Broshnivske FE” of Ivano- Frankivsk region. The largest carbon sink occurs in mixed forest ecosystems – 1829 tons/year, the average carbon sink (per ha) is 951 kg/year. The information technology can be applied for estimation of the carbon sink in forest stemwood in any part of Ukraine or another country where necessary input data are available.

Key words : forest ecosystems, mathematical models of carbon sink in forest ecosystems, spatial inventory.

Information technology for studying carbon sink in stemwood of forest ecosystems

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes