Dariusz Lodwik, Jerzy Pietrzyk

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Abstract. The paper presents the assessment of the influence of wind direction and speed on the transverse fall of sprayed liquid for selected types of flat-stream nozzles. The measurements were carried out in laboratory conditions on an automated station equipped with a radial fan, speed and wind direction sensors, and a computer system for automatic acquisition and processing of measurement results. As criteria for the evaluation of the results of the conducted research on the quality of work of the tested nozzles, the values of the transverse nonuniformity index of CV liquid fall were assumed (with a maximum admissible value of 10%). The obtained results of laboratory tests were presented in the form of tables, and on their basis the dependencies of the CV index value on wind direction and wind speed were determined. On the basis of the obtained dependences, the assessment of individual nozzles was made due to the accepted criterion in the scope of the studied changes in wind speed and direction.

Key words: spraying of plants, quality and effectiveness of the treatment, wind direction and speed, flat-stream nozzle, liquid drift, laboratory stand, transverse liquid fall CV unevenness indicator.

Influence of wind direction and speed on the transverse fall of the sprayed liquid for selected flat-stream nozzles

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