M. Zhuk, V. Kovalyshyn, R. Tcir

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Abstract. The research defines components of driver reaction time under different conditions. The duration of a latent period and time of respective response to a stimulus are determined. It is traced how driver reaction time depends on the complexity of the situation the driver was exposed to. With the help of the NeuroCom complex, computer program and processing of video recordings, the main components of driver reaction time were defined to be information in-flow to the cerebral cortex, detection and recognition of a stimulus, making a right decision and respective reaction. The obtained results can be used for determining dynamic gauge and braking distance of a vehicle, which, in its turn, influences the road safety.

Key words: driver reaction time, latent period, functional state.

Defining Duration of Driver Reaction Time Components Using the NeuroCom Complex

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes