А. Demchuk, V. Lytvyn

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Abstract. The statement of problem of choosing of typhlocommentator is considered in this article, the description of the subject among the number of possible typhlocommentator. The mathematic model of such a task is given and an approach of solving it has been worked out. When researching the problem of access of weak-sight people to the video content, it is required to understand that more than a most part of the information is provided to the viewer in the form of an image. Yes, blind people hear all words of actors, sounds of the environment, processes at the screen, but it is difficult for them to identify the person to whom the specific words belong, what happens with heroes at the very specific moment, what is depicted in the given scene, it is difficult for them to understand reaction of actors, which the latter often express with the help of movements or mimics. Typhlocomments to video content for blind people and people with weak-sight are one of the real steps towards solution of the problem of limitation of access to such content.

Key words: typhlocomment, typhlocommentator, films for sightless, description of the subject, video content.

Choosing of typhlocommentator, description of subject in videocontent for sightless and visually impaired person

an international quarterly journal on economics of technology and modelling processes